Monday, June 18, 2012

Trial 17

Trial Pack Beginner 17

Felt : 43 pcs felt (43 different colour)
- firm type, no easy fluffy/ jenis keras
Felt Size : 15 x 15cm +-

PVC Leather : 2 pcs (red and black)
Size: 21cm x 15 cm +- (around A5)

Wood pieces : 2 pcs (random colour and shape)
Button: 23pcs (refer Photo)

keychain: 2pcs
Ring : 2 pcs
Hp Strap : 5 pcs with lobster claps, 1 thicker strap
Brooch : 4pcs (20mm)
Pattern Ribbon : 2 pcs/2colour (each length 50cm)
Colour Ribbon : 2pcs/ 2 colour (each length 50cm)
Bell : 6 pcs  (6mm)
Googly Eye : 2 pair (8mm)
Fiber : 1 pack

** random colour for all ribbons/buttons/bells
** buttons is subjected to change depending on stock

Price: RM 30.00 (Peninsular Malaysia/ semenanjung Malaysia)
Price: RM 33.00 (Sabah)
Price: RM 32.50 (Sarawak) 
(Price include post laju)


  1. Saya berminat nak beli trial pack ini. Masih ada stock? dan ada tutorial sekali ke?

    1. hi dear..
      masih available. ade 1 pc template sy sedia. sy boleh email tutorial file.

      Thank you

  2. tell me how to buy pack ne please...
    dgn tutorial skli..
    ad lg tak stok?

    1. HI dear..
      masih ade stock.
      just drop me email order trial pack 17, and detail u sekali, nama, alamat, contact number
      thank you

  3. how to pay..?
    ad maybank ke something ke..?
    ne my email.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi..
      please check ur email for tracking number ^^

      thank you

  5. Is this trial pack still available ? :)

  6. Hi,

    Trial pack ni masih ada ke? Saya nak satu. Boleh e-mail pada tentang cara bayar etc. TQ