Saturday, June 25, 2011

Value Pack~

i choose these 11 colour from my 18 colour pack
all bright colour

Felt Pack 30 x 30cm +- (11 colours)
-11 different colour/颜色
-30cm x 30cm each/每片
- firm type, no easy fluffy/ jenis keras

Price : RM14/set
sold out

Friday, June 24, 2011

Printed Button

this is flat back wood button, you can glue it on ur craft...
when i order this worry bout the prinitng also...
but after i received, i only regret order too little..
they look cute
BT 41 (printed rabbit)
Price : Rm0.40 / 1pc
BT 42 (printed bear)
Price : Rm0.40 / 1pc
- 50 available

Pinky Bear~

BT 40 Pinky Bear (Wood Button)
Price : RM1.00 / 4pcs

sold out

button music note~

BT 38 (Music Note)
Length : 10mm / Height: 14mm
Price : RM1.00 /7pcs

Ding Dong Bell~

Bell (Small 8mm)
Size : 8mm
Price : RM1.50/10pcs

Bell (Big)
Size : 10.5mm
Price : RM1.00/5pcs

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plush Fabric 短毛绒布

Plush Fabric 短毛绒布

for making soft toy

soft yellow.. feel soft also when u touch it..

Soft Yellow Plush Fabric

Size : 44 x 40cm (hair = around 6mm)
Price : RM 4.00

all hreserved

Click here for order detail

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Plush Fabric 短毛绒布

Plush Fabric 短毛绒布
for making soft toy

very Dark Brown colour, look at it just like look at a bear ~ ^^
Dark brown Plush Fabric

Size : 38 x 55cm (hair = around 6mm)
Price : RM 4.50

- 1 sold

Plush Fabric 短毛绒布

Plush Fabric 短毛绒布
for making soft toy
Really really bright orange~ very very soft when u touch it
Orange Plush Fabric
Size : 42 x 35 (hair = around 6mm)

Price : RM 4.00
~ 1pcs available

Click here for order detail

My Wallet

is a rush job, finish it at late night, keep thinking faster faster.
not very satisfied with the design and sewing skill..
but for my own use.. nvm~

using card holder for long time, always fold my money in small pcs.
so decided make myself a wallet, a BIG one~
so my money can lie down comfortable ^^
.... but....
still not used to carry a big wallet around..
might need make a small one for daily use~

Friday, June 17, 2011

craft suppplies~ leather strap

Leather Strap
Size: Length 100cm+- ; width 3mm ;thickness 1.5mm
Colour: 5 Colour ( Dark red, Light Cyan, Purple, Black, White)
Price: RM 1.20/pcs

craft suppplies

Metal Love
Colour : Silver Colour
Price : RM 0.80/pcs

Sold out

craft suppplies

added a extra ring, for easier hang a craft on it.
only order after sept 2011 will have this ring ^^

Key chain
Size: 25mm (ring)
Price : RM 1.00/4pcs

craft suppplies

Ring 24mm
Size: 24mm

craft suppplies

Sution Cup
Size : 25mm
Price : 0.20/pcs

~ available now

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Felt Pack!

Felt soft N hard

Felt Pack 30 x 23cm +-
-10 pcs soft felt (lembut)
- 4 pcs firm felt (keras) with ♥ marking

Price : RM 17.00

Sold out

Key Pouch ~Cat~

Key pouch Again~

Another Key Pouch for my "Kawan ofis"
Now ever1 in office have 1 ^^
Belated happy birthday..
she like cat alot.. so i make a cat face for her..
hope she like it

Monday, June 6, 2011

Printed felt restock~

Printed Felt 图案不织布
Printed Felt
Size : 22.5 x 22.5cm
Price : RM2.40 per pc
Sold out

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Key Pouch

Order from customer...
she like my key pouch but request made it in car shape
Warming the engine now ^^
Will be on thier way to the owner by tomorrow..
i hope she like it

closer look

and... this 2 is i special sew for her, a pair..

a love at the back

Fabric Label

to add on ur handmade craft~

Label Set A

Label Set B

Fabric Label (A/B)
Each set got 8 pattern
Price : RM3.00/Set

~each pattern 2 set available

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Template New~

after some advise from customer, rearrange my old template,
delete / add some of the shape
you will have 8 shape above,
from big to small like below
biggest will be 5-6cm +-
smallest will be 2cm +-

you will have 2 type of font
A-Z a-z 0-9
font size is about 2cm +-

and you will have some of the shape like below
size also 5-6cm +-

whole set will be 16pcs around around 200++ shapes

Template NEW
Size: around A5 size to fit in post eks. envelope
Printing : Black colour line, with grey watermark
Paper: 200 gsm card

Price: RM 13.50

Trial Pack

Trial Pack Beginner 2
Felt : 20 pcs felt (20 different colour) -polyster type but soft abit can be curve
* Please note that this set got few pcs is skinny
(yellow, light yellow, light blue, soft red)
Felt Size : 15 x 15cm

Button: 28 pcs colourful buttons (refer above photo)
keychain: 2pcs
Bell : 6pcs colourful 6mm bell
Strap: 4 pcs (4 black) silver out of stock
Brooch : 2pcs ( 15mm & 20mm)
Eye: 3 pair
Ribbon: 3 pcs ( 3 colour, each 50cm)
Ice cream stick : 13pcs (refer here) also show as photo above

** random colour for all ribbons/buttons/sticks/bells

Price: RM 19.00 (include post express)
- Sold out