Friday, April 29, 2011

Trial Pack for Beginner!

Trial Pack~

Trial Pack Beginner
Felt : 19 pcs felt (19 different colour)
Felt Size : 15 x 15cm
Button: 26 pcs colourful buttons
Bell : 6pcs colourful 6mm bell
Strap: 3 pcs (include lobster clasp)

Price: RM 18.00 (include post express)
- 4 set available
- Sold Out

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cute Button For Sale 3 !!

BT 27 (Pumpkin Face)
Size: 15mm (height)
Price : RM0.50/set (2pcs)
- Sold Out

BT 28(Happy Girl)
Size: 17mm (height)
Price : RM0.50/set (2pcs)
- Sold out

BT 29 (Mini Car)
Size: 11mm (height)
Price : RM0.30/1pc
- 14 pcs available
- Sold Out

- all button order will be random colour,
i will try to give different colour for every set you purchase

Colourful Button!

BT 24 (Colourful Love)
Size: 12mm

Price : RM1.00/set (6pcs)
- Restock (Available now)

BT 25 (Colourful Flower)
Size: 12mm

Price : RM1.00/set (7pcs)
- Restock (Available now)

BT 26 (Colourful Bear Head)
Size: 14mm

Price : RM1.00/set (7pcs)
~ restock (available now)

- all button order will be random colour,
i will try to give different colour for every set you purchase

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Colourful Button!

Mini Button~
BT 22 (Colourful Mini Round button)
Size : 7mm

Price : RM1.20 /10pcs
SOLD OUT (balance all reserved)

3 Colours Button~
very colourful button, base is white colour,
view from top or side also can see 3 colour lines

BT 23 (3 colour Button)
Size : 1.25cm

Price : RM1.00 /5pcs
~random colour
~40 pcs available
- 10 sold
- 10 sold

ding ding dong dong~

Colourful Bell for sell!

Bell (Small 6mm)
Size : 6mm

Price : RM1.00 /10pcs
NEW PRICE: RM1.00/15pcs

~random colour

Felt Pack~

Fabric Felt Set for Sale!

Felt Pack 30 x 30cm
-18 different colour/颜色
* common colour/常用颜色
-30cm x 30cm each/每片
- firm type, no easy fluffy/ jenis keras

Price : RM23/set
~ 5 set available


Sunday, April 17, 2011

PVC Leather Craft~

My new PVC Craft..
more i sew more i like this pvc leather..
^^ everybody should try this

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cute Button For Sale !!

Cute Button~
they all look so colourful and cute
even myself like it very much
my family bought it for me when he outstation, so i only have 4 set
and thank you so much for supporting my craft shop~
BT 21 (Cute button set)
Size: please refer the 10 sen coin
Quantity: each set contain 11 pcs, each pattern 1 pc
Colour: only vase, music note, pencil have different colour
other pcs fix colour
Price: RM 7.00

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My PVC Craft~

My 1st try!
Bought the PVC Leather that day and make my own charm at the same night..
tak sabar-sabar nak cuba ^^
Well... PVC leather might look thick..
but actually totally no problem on sewing..
i just use a small needle which i use for sewing felt

Fabric for sale

Fabric Canvas, Thick Fabric
young girl on the canvas, very cute printed pattern,
suit for make purse, bag or anything depend your creative!

size of pattern

Canvas Girl (FB 03)
Size : 50x49cm
Price : RM 5.00 / set
Offer Price : RM3.50

Fabric Set for sell!

Found this cotton in a fabric shop..
attract my eye because of the pattern printed on the fabric
felt soft when i touch it
i would say it slightly feel like "printed felt"
the look and the touch feel
the price is much more cheaper than felt

Pink Set (FB 01) - 2pcs / each colour 1
Size : 30x30cm
Price : RM 2.40 / set
Blue Set (FB 02) - 2pcs / each colour 1
Size : 30x30cm
Price : RM 2.40 / set

Friday, April 1, 2011

PVC Leather For Sale!

Close look for the leather.. you can see the texture

i have 3 colours for now.
(Soft brown, Cream colour, Black)

PVC Leather Pack Set (each colour 1 pc in Set)
Size: 24 x 34cm (for fit in L size envelope)
Price : RM 5.50/set (3pcs) ~exclude postage
Price : RM 10/set (3pcs) ~include post express