Wednesday, August 24, 2011

restock arrived 24-8-11

restock arrived, with few new items..
hope some of my customers
can see her broochs here and her buttons there, and her straps there ^^

new items will slowly upload..

due the raya coming soon pos laju become slow,
i can't post anything at the moment.
everything will go back to normal after raya.

you can still place your order, i will reserved the items for you..

Friday, August 19, 2011

angry Bird

Hottest Bird now~
so many ppl like this bird.. here my little craft

made by pvc
you will need black, white, red, yellow
which u can found in my blog ^^

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trial Pack for Beginner!

Trial Pack Beginner 7
Felt : 18 pcs felt (18 different colour)
- firm type, no easy fluffy/ jenis keras
Felt Size : 15 x 15cm +-

Button: 28 pcs colourful buttons (refer above photo)
Shinning button: 5 pcs (flower)
keychain: 2pcs
Ball chain : 2pcs
Bell : 6pcs colourful 6mm bell
Strap: 4 pcs (4 black)
Eye: 2 pair (6mm)
Brooch : 2pcs (15mm & 20mm)
Ribbon: 1 pattern, 1 plain ( each 50cm)

Fiber : 1 pack (include @@ juz forgot to photo in)

** random colour for all ribbons/buttons/bells

Price: RM 20.00 (Peninsular Malaysia/ semenanjung Malaysia)
Price: RM 23.00 (Sabah)
Price: RM 22.50 (Sarawak)
(Price include post laju)


PVC Leather For Sale!

2 more NEW colour
PVC Leather
Size: 22 x 30cm (around A4)
Price : RM 1.60/pc
Colour : 2 colour (orange, purple )

PVC Leather For Sale!

2 more new SOFT colour..

PVC Leather
Size: 22 x 30cm (around A4)
Price : RM 1.60/pc
Colour : 2 colour (Soft pink, Soft blue )