Sunday, December 25, 2011

2 colour round flower Button

BT 73 (2 colour flower button)
Size: 13mm +-
Colour : 8 colours
Price : RM1.50 / 8pcs

2 colour round button

look closer... cute isn't it ? ^^ side view also look pretty

BT 72 (2 colour round button)
Size: 13mm +-
Colour : 10 colours
Price : RM1.50 / 10pcs

swirl flower button

BT 71 (swirl flower)
Size: 13mm +-
Colour : 9 colours
Price : RM1.00 / 10pcs

Black & white love Button

BT 70 (Black n white love)
Size: 13mm +-
Price : RM1.00 / 5pcs

black & white button

BT 69 (black & white)
Size: 13mm +-
Price : RM2.00 / 10pcs

please clcik here for order detail

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

big big loster claps

Big Lobster claps
Size: refer photo
Colour : 4 colour
Price : RM1 / 2pcs (random colour)

Colour Ribbon Set 2

(RL08) Colourful Ribbon Set 2 (each colour 100cm+-)
Size: 10mm
Colour : 5 colour (White, Pink, Black, Brown, Orange)
Price : RM5 / Set (5pcs)

Leather Strap

Leather Strap 3
Size: Length 100cm +- ; width 3mm ;thickness 1.5mm
Colour: Brown
Price: RM 1.20/pcs

restock 19-12-11

small restock arrived
totally empty my felt before this stock arrive..
urgent top some felt & grab some new buttons..
will have another bigger restock
(felt with more colour ^^) next month..
need top some pvc as well... hopefully this week..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Love in red & black~

PVC Love Charm again~ ^^

i cut out many pcs last time when i make the wallet..
i had a simple pc just glue all the pcs togther..
this time add in some button and sew it..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

little red car

totally pvc key pouch, inner and out i use pvc leather
car shape ^^ suit for car key, isn't it?
i make it fron view of car, my friend said look like UFO,
maybe it is a round shape car
maybe later then i will make another side view..

clear stock 3

rusted at the middle part for both items,
but u won't see it unless u look at it close
wasted to throw away, so decided cheap sale
Rejected Ball Chain
Size: 9.5cm+-
Price: RM4.50/50pcs

Rejected Ring
Size: 2.5cm+-
Price: RM3.00/30pcs

dot dot felt (clear stock)

painful when i received these... dissapointed with the printing..
some pcs printing still ok, some are.... (like above photo..)
decided to cheap sale, just grap back some cost >.<

Dot Dot Felt
Size: 30 x 30cm+-
Colour : 9 colour (refer photo)
Price : RM 20/set

Sold Out

balance stock

these are balance stock i have.. clear all in 1 set
Ice-cream stick
Original Short = 42pcs
Original Long = 8pcs
Colour Small = 10pcs
Colour Big = 18pcs
Price RM7.00/set (1set available)


Tuesday, December 6, 2011