Wednesday, August 24, 2011

restock arrived 24-8-11

restock arrived, with few new items..
hope some of my customers
can see her broochs here and her buttons there, and her straps there ^^

new items will slowly upload..

due the raya coming soon pos laju become slow,
i can't post anything at the moment.
everything will go back to normal after raya.

you can still place your order, i will reserved the items for you..


  1. hmm..i can't see suction cups..poor me...:-p

  2. i still have the suction cup ~ so no restock.. ^^

  3. mana gambar stock baru ni? :P

  4. >.< post laju dah jam.. so no post this week until after raya. nanti raya akan slow slow upload, stock baru. lepas raya, post back to nomral, then u can place order i can post parcel ^^