Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trial Pack

Trial Pack Beginner 2
Felt : 20 pcs felt (20 different colour) -polyster type but soft abit can be curve
* Please note that this set got few pcs is skinny
(yellow, light yellow, light blue, soft red)
Felt Size : 15 x 15cm

Button: 28 pcs colourful buttons (refer above photo)
keychain: 2pcs
Bell : 6pcs colourful 6mm bell
Strap: 4 pcs (4 black) silver out of stock
Brooch : 2pcs ( 15mm & 20mm)
Eye: 3 pair
Ribbon: 3 pcs ( 3 colour, each 50cm)
Ice cream stick : 13pcs (refer here) also show as photo above

** random colour for all ribbons/buttons/sticks/bells

Price: RM 19.00 (include post express)
- Sold out


  1. i want this pack but it is free postage or not?if not,wat is de total price include postage(i'm stay in shah alam)

  2. yes, the price is include postage

  3. already email u the detail also.. u can check ur gmail~

  4. i want this pack lg?

  5. ade lagi, tp silver strap dah tak de, akan diganti dgn hitam punya, lain still ade

  6. ..