Friday, March 18, 2011

New Felt Pack!

Trial Pack for Beginner
10pcs of good quality daiso colour felt + 1 pcs printed felt
100% polyester.
feel soft when you touch it, but the thickness make it firm.
easy to sew and cut, even small shape.

the pack include some stuff can make your craft more complete.

Felt Pack Beginner Small
Felt : 10 pcs felt (colour show above, all common bright colour)
Felt Size : 23 x 15cm
Printed felt : 1pc (23x15cm)
Button: 20 pcs (colourful 5 types of button, include 4pcs tiny buttons)
Strap: 3 pcs (include lobster clasp)
Ribbon: 2 pcs plain riboon (1/2 meter each colour)
Fiber: 1 pack

Price: RM 13.00
* all button will be random colour

3pack available
- 1 sold
- 1 sold
- 1 sold

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  1. hi, i'm you still have this?i want to buy it...