Saturday, January 29, 2011

perler bead

my new toy ^^
tried to search google... there are alot of different name for this "toy"

it can be key chain, handphone charm, earing, pendant and alot more


  1. we did this and loved it when my kids were little and I still have a stash of them. You are inspiring me to get them out and see what I can do.... <3

  2. I have a big container of it yet to start working with my girl. Love your cute mini designs.

  3. yah, this perler bead is fun, you can make many design with it. my 1st n 2nd time fail many, not all the beads stick together or over heat. This was my 3rd tried, all success. Now i know how to iron on it ^^ we learn from the mistake

  4. its so cute! how u stick the beads together?